Monday, February 22, 2010

love story

{a better version of this video is on their personal site! Scroll down to "2002 Winter Olympic Games" and Click on "Love Story" - I highly suggest watching it rather than the youtube version above}

The Winter Olympics makes me think of my favourite figure skating routine of all time. Back in 2002, I remember watching our Canadians pairs team, Sale and Pelletier, clad in simple grey costumes, win the gold medal with their routine, Love Story. I found the video again on Youtube (but a better quality video is actually on Sale and Pelletier's site if you just scroll down to where it says 2002 Winter Olympic Games - I highly suggest watching this verson instead of the youtube one!!). Boy oh boy I felt the shivers all over again. Lori Nichols (who happens to be our neighbour, although we've never met her!!) choreographed it, and I remember hearing she was pregnant when she made up the routine. If you watch it, you can actually tell - their movements are just so gentle and loving - as if he's taking such good care of her. I would like to meet Lori Nichols; she might be my hero. I have seen her on tv at this Winter Olympics too. She choreographs so many of the figure skaters' routines that she has to switch her team jacket each time they perform! But alas, I don't want to appear like a stalker and go knocking on her door to say hi, so, Lori, here's an open invitation to come knocking at ours - we're just up the street!!! We love pretty things, so I think we'd have alot in common :)


Jo said...

That was so good. Did you see the Canadian ice dancers {Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir} last night? They were sooo beautiful!

Mel said...

No I didn't see it last night, but just checked it out online and wow they are amazing!! They were...perfect!!