Tuesday, February 2, 2010

what a teak!

We found a new vanity!! It wasn't easy but we did it! And we kind of changed our colour scheme along the way and now I think it might have been for a reason because I actually like it better!

We went to Vienna Douglas Collection {which by the way is the most amazing and gorgeous store!!} and she had a 27" vanity that was pretty much exactly the same as the one we bought at Gingers {but cheaper!!}. It even came
in a grey oak that was pretty darn close to our original vanity. The only problem, it was not in stock and the shipment was supposed to come in the next week or two. If it came in week two we would have been in the same position of starting our reno without the vanity! BUT...she had one in stock in teak. A big change in terms of our original design plan, but the more we looked at it beside some grey tiles she had in the store, the more we loved it. So we took it! Yay!

Here are some pictures that we are now using for inspiration. We had already ordered our medium grey tiles for the floor, white glass tiles for the tub and for half the wall where the toilet and vanity are. We are thinking we will probably paint the remaining walls a shade of grey similar to the first pic below. I'm excited about having the teak colour as it will add more warmth to the room. The grey oak one would have been stunning but maybe a little bit too cold? {Clearly I say this to make myself love my teak even more since we don't have much of a choice!}

I wish I had a picture of actual vanity to show you but it isn't on the website yet. But this vanity in the first picture is similar except ours is a wall mounted vanity and doesn't have legs.

And just for fun, check out this awesome teak tub inspired by Japanese design! So cool!

Also this weekend we picked up our sleek Toto Aquia III dual-flush toilet {that the City of Toronto gives you a $75 rebate for!} and ordered our cheapy cheap bathtub. We decided to suck it up on get one with a detailed apron {bleh...still hate that word!} but the one we found has more of a geometric design, not a swirly swoopy loop, so we felt ok about it. And it is a steel bathtub instead of acrylic. Two reasons for this, one because it was ridiculously cheap and meant we could buy two large mirror medicine cabinets that will provide us with a wall of mirror and storage space {!} and two because I realized I actually preferred the look of steel over the molded fakeness of acrylic. Score!

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