Monday, February 15, 2010

opening ceremonies: the stage

Happy Olympics, Bloomers! It has been an exciting weekend as a Canadian. With Alex Bilodeau's gold medal last night in the moguls (which made me cry by the way), and the fact that Canada is ACTUALLY tied in 2nd place for medal's all just pretty darn exciting. In addition, us Bloomers have to discuss a little something about the Opening Ceremonies: Despite the disorganized VIP box, and the technical difficults with the internal torch, we HAVE to address the staging. That stage was amazing. In fact, I've never seen anything like it! I have NEVER seen a projection transform a stage so beautifully, and into so many different terrains. From making it look like white snowy ice with that slight blueish tinge, to the trees that grew OUT of the stage, to the squares of prairie patches (which I cannot find a picture of anywhere by the way), to the way they made it look like an ocean with 3D whales jumping out...I was speechless! I also loved how they made everything look so white and icy in general; and how they made the audience wear white so they matched too. Kudos to the producer of the show, David Atkins. {pics from New York Times blog}

Here's a video fo the 3D whales. So beautiful!

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