Thursday, February 25, 2010

more office idears...

I found so many other fun pictures in my home office search from the other day that I thought I'd do a follow-up post of a few!

Loving this old shutter used for mail/postcards/pictures/whatever papery thing you like! I found it on this nifty site called! And the following two pictures are from the same site. Check out this brilliant way to store paper stuff! And if you have rafters...shove some books in there!

I like this crafty idea for my crafts. Right now I have a Mystery Box full of odds and ends but I like these jars stuck to the shelf!

This enormous vintage suitcase can be closed up to hide all the mess inside. I actually saw it in person at Restoration Hardware and it is quite spectacular. But seeing it closed up makes me giggle a bit because it is just one, big, giant suitcase!! Kind of like you are Alice in Wonderland and you drank a potion!

I found this home office shed on Busyboo Design Blog. I would love could feel like you were leaving your house to go to work! But I can't see how it would work in our cold, wet and snowy Canadian climate. It is also like a sweet version of Dexter's home office shed!


Melony said...

i love all of these ideas!!! i really like the shutter. i might do that for my office too :)

HMCraig said...

I so want a studio out in my backyard like that cute little shed! Something where I can open it up when it's warm and paint flowers in the sunshine. *sigh*

UK Vintage said...

Everything that you've posted here are just really pretty