Monday, September 13, 2010

gotta love kanye

Ok, let's get over it, Kanye can be a wanker, but he's brillant. He really just is. I always think his music and live performances are so great (I would like to toast all the as*holes and d*ouchebags too btw), but this time I also felt mesmerized by the stage design during his performance on the VMAs last night. SO super awesome cool! The set was just black and then white, and his crazy bright red suit stood out starkly against it. BUT, the ballerinas made it even COOLER! I LOVED the colour of their outfits. They were just so dang pretty, weren't they? Even when they got down and did a bit of ballet hip hop. I wanted to see more of them do the ballet hip was so neat!! Here's a link to the video... If this link is taken down due to copyright, you can watch it on on demand here. It's clip # 46. Enjoy!

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