Monday, June 21, 2010

happy birthday shayna bloomer!

aw, look at this guy sitting atop the cuppie {from kellan studios}

apparently martha stewart has a line of sock monkey party favours! {from oh dee doe via martha stewart}

hee!!! {from oh dee doe}

This is NOT real bananer, but a real cake! Apparently a smash cake...for kiddilies to smash! {from dazzle design}

cute...but I know Shayna Bloomer wouldn't be able to eat it's sock monkey face! {from camp sock monkey via martha stewart}

weeee, this guy's having FUN {from kellan studios}

i like the colours of this candy bar to go along with the theme {from dazzle design}

a flat sock monkey cake that makes me giggle...{from slash food}

this banner is made out of all sock monkey fabric! {from wendy roo}

Today marks the day of Shayna Bloomer's birth! The lucky girl was born on the first day of summer. Maybe that's why she's zany and uber creative. So I thought it would be fitting to celebrate her birthday with some virtual sock monkey party inspiration. As you know, we have some serious soft spots for sock monkeys. And I do think this would make a cool party ... especially for the S Bloomer!

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