Thursday, June 24, 2010

purdy picnics

When shopping at the Superstore last week I noticed these adorable portable BBQ's by PC Home. I want one, I want one!! They made me want a picnic really badly...just a fun picnic party with a few people...or just me! So here are some other cute ideas to make a picnic a little more enticing than just a paper bag and a blanket...not that there is anything wrong with a paper bag and a blanket!

Leave it to Martha to be the mecca of picnic craft ideas! She even makes a paper plate dessert tower! And believe it or not you can also fashion a picnic basket out of a dishcloth. Oh Martha...

These sandwich papers are so adorable! I want to eat a sandwich like this everyday. Perhaps I'll find a way to wrap other foods in such could wrap a banana for your work lunch, your water bottle...the possibilities are endless! Found via The Sweetest Occasion.

Crafty fabric oilcloth placemats add nice patterns and colours. Found via

I like this colourful set-up that is kinda like a mini event! No space is too small to decorate...and why shouldn't you have your own personal string of lights or lanterns! Found via The Party Dress.

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