Tuesday, June 15, 2010

modern nurseries

Guess you know where our minds are lately! I've been searching for inspiration for our future nursery and found these nifty modern designs. Glad people are straying away from typical pastels and frills.

I'm really loving all the furniture in these pics. And kind of taken with the red, blue and white nautical room. I would be tempted to add some pale yellow accents in there to make it a version of primary colours and not necessarily nautical. But it looks so fresh and crisp! All of these pics found via Bell Blog

I've actually had this picture in my back pocket for awhile now. I found it when I was researching the red and yellow for my living room and thought it would make a good nursery one day - didn't realize that day was so soon! This is why I thought of adding the pale yellow into the nautical room above. I love how it isn't quite primary colours but a muted version of them. I can't remember where I found this picture but I sure do love it and so far it is number one on my inspiration list now followed closely by the newly found nautical pic!

I'm not usually a fan of red, black and white but there is something about this that I could see working. I might be tempted to throw in some yellow since I have a new obsession with red and yellow. I guess it's safe to say some form of yellow will be in the nursery! Found via Dutch Boy

I really like the top picture although it is way more elaborate than I plan to get! But I like the colour scheme and the hanging lamp that we have in our Bloomer inventory already! And I like the stripey circle rug in the bottom pic. Both found via Better Homes and Gardens


Jess Gedge said...

i've been on the lookout for modern nursery ideas too! i love the grey/red/white scheme. great post!

inBloom Studio said...

I love the blue, red and white...so fresh and modern!

Melle said...

goodness me, I love the red and blue room too. great finds!

Rambling Renovators said...

Nurseries are the MOST fun rooms to decorate, I think. Great inspiration pics. And I like the new blog header!