Friday, June 25, 2010

all gussied up for g20!

Toronto certainly pulled out all the stops prettying up the streets for their world wide debut! Nothing screams out "Come Visit T.O.!!" like plywood shopfronts! I especially like the taped garbage and recycling bags to all the poles along the streets. Not sure who thought there would be throngs of people carrying an excess of garbage. Must be for the world leaders. Actually feels pretty ghosty out there...kinda cool...but kinda eerie. Like it can't decide if something big is about to happen or if this is just it! I hope this is just it.


jo said...

haha...oh man those garbage bags...

Anonymous said...

Hey Bloomers!
Wanted to say a big big and heartfelt thank you for the lovely gift you guys bought for Abigail... I LOVE it! And she will too!
Thanks so so much, it was unexpected and therefore even more fun to receive!

Happy weekends to all,