Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ryan + tahlia: a super awesome barn wedding

you can't tell from this pic, but the wine was propped on birch disks. might be one of my fav parts of the wedding design!

Carrie Underwood, no?

... using a white mailbox for the "incoming mail"!

table numbers made out of pieces of birch wood!

cuppppieessss....my weakness

the bridesmaids looked lovely, especially against all the green lush foliage outside the barn

the groom and groomsmen all wore these cute bowties!

Ryan's mom found these cute candles as the personal favours. Note the placecards, written on river stones.

the guest book was two wooden oars that guests signed!

Last weekend, the Bloomers were back at Massey Barn to set up another wedding, this one with a totally different theme than Candice's also-beautiful wedding! Ryan and Tahlia are both creative and really uber-thoughtful people, with a strong penchant for nature and the woods! But Tahlia also wanted a bit of modern-ness stuck in there as well! So, with that, the handsome groom and the gorgeous bride (who bore a STRONG resemblance to Carrie Underwood, might I add) entrusted the Bloomers to create an atmosphere fitting to both their personalities. Ryan, an artist /carpenter/biologist (um, yah!), made the table signage himself by finding pieces of birch in the forest. He also built the lovely canopy for their ceremony, which I will post pictures of shortly, when we get them from the photographer. To boot, the two of them stuck to their "natural" guns and insisted the ceremony be held outside even though it was raining! And I have to say...there was something so cozy, so lovely and so touching about watching them get married under the birch canopy amidst the light, misty rain. The bridesmaids green dresses and the groomsmen's matching bowties just popped against the lush willow trees in the background. Breathtaking! Congratulations guys.
{All of these awesome photos taken by Craig Morrison.}


Anonymous said...

Thank you Bloomers for creating the most beautiful wedding that was perfect for us in every way!!!

Anonymous said...

Most beautiful, fun, and all around best wedding ever. EVER!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful, creative and overall amazing wedding!