Monday, July 19, 2010

our potential future nusery

So now that the home office office "upgrade" has happened and I've allowed myself to enjoy it for 2 weeks, I have gotten anxious to begin the nursery room project. Honestly I don't know what I'll do when that is all done because that leaves me with no more home decor projects! However I suppose I'll be busy with our new little project which won't leave much time for home decor anyways!

Sooo...this is what we've come up with so far!

The inspiration is a combination of these two pictures I posted awhile ago. We have a yellow couch already in that room that we want to keep. The rest of the decor will be light blue, red and white.

This is the paint colour we like. It is Pottery Barn Kids Benjamin Moore line in the colour Harbour Fog.

This the furniture I think we are going to get. Cheapy cheap from IKEA but we totally love the modern, simple lines! Score!

I really like this red circle rug...looks like a cuddly play space on a hardwood floor.

For the wall, I bought these three Alef Betty prints from and I will hang them above the yellow couch. And you do know how much we love our sock monkeys so I'm framing some pictures of these sock monkey portraits that I have from my Arne Svenson & Ron Warren Sock Monkey Calendar and putting them up over the crib!


Ty said...

Ha! Of course a sock monkey managed to sneak its way into the room design! ;)

So cute.

Melabu said...

i love it!! it's going to be so cute!

Designwali said...

gorgeous! love the colour fresh. great blog!