Tuesday, July 6, 2010

home office update

{my new corner office! I'm in love...}

{I get to stare at these cute Billy Buttons left over from our Circus Wedding while I'm creating!}

{still not sure what to do with my adorable Toronto Subway buttons but they somehow got placed on my teal filing cabinet and they looked so cute!]

{I do heart a teal filing cabinet}

{This is "Lulu" the circus artist created by my friend Rashmi Baird - artist extrodinaire!}

Last time I posted about my upcoming "home office downgrade" and I have to say I was a bit pre-emptive in my description because this weekend we finished our new home office and I LOVE it! I just want to sit there all day long and look at all my stuff cause it all looks so appealing! It's definitely a corner office by the window now - I'm thinking I moved up in the world! Only downside is that I wasn't able to use those crafty office ideas I loved but I know one day I'll have the space to play!

We ended up keeping the Expedite bookcase and it fit perfectly against the wall leaving a ton of space...oh IKEA you do know what you are doing! My adorable white desk from West Elm fits perfectly against the Expedite and I wonder if IKEA and West Elm know this...they look great together! AND the best part...my Mom's old filing cabinet was TEAL and I just needed to buy a frame for the inside and now I've got the coolest filing cabinet in the whole wide world! She also had another one that I wanted to take but I ran out of room so I think I'll have to make do with the one. So excited!

Now on to the baby room...D. and I have lots of ideas and we are definitely getting excited about it. I'll keep you updated on the progress of that!


Ty said...

Super-cute. I absolutely adore the teal filing cabinet (great find!!)!!

Looking forward to seeing the baby's room. =)


Melle said...

wow, looks amazing!! great job :)

BadIrishArm said...

Does Rashmi know that Clementine is totally ripping her off? You'd swear they were the same person, doing practically the same art work...almost. Heh heh.
Great office, I'm sure the baby will be designing very soon while you swing from the ceiling and have naps.