Friday, December 18, 2009

shelf decor

I am fascinated by different peoples' shelves and how they decorate them. Shelves are a very funny thing to me. I feel that the objects have to be placed perfectly, with precision, in order to make it work; and yet, sometimes the weirdest combinations look really cool! Joelle Bloomer has quite a lot of nicely decorated shelves in her home - perhaps she'll treat you to a peak or two soon! But all in all, in my journeys, I do find that sometimes less is more when it comes to decorating shelves. Here are some shelves that I have collected along the way! What do you think? Send us pics of your shelves if you can!

{Pic 1 and 4... I think from either Domino, Country Living, or Martha!; Pic 2 & 5 from; Pic 3 from Marley and Lockyer; Pic 6 from Country Living Mag (I think!)}

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