Tuesday, December 1, 2009

holiday decor that doesn't scare me

So, with Thanksgiving over and out of the way, and with Chanuka and Christmas fast approaching, us Bloomers have already started thinking about our holiday decor plans.

I really have an aversion {bordering on fear} of anything red and velvety with bows and santa ringlets. So luckily
I was able to find these loverly, modern holiday decor inspirations that got me all excited! These are much more up my alley - and they could work for either holiday depending on what you celebrate {or in my case, what side of the family I'm celebrating with that particular night!} All you gotta do is substitute a Star of David for a wreath and voila!

Below are yummy nature-y design that would look nice year round really! I like that it doesn't scream out HOLIDAY in an obnoxious and frightening way. And not a ringlet in sight either! I found these on the Better Homes and Gardens site.

I'm not sure where I found this picture but I do think it is absolutely beautiful! I wonder how much all those light fixtures cost?! And look how each seat has a personal furry blanket to keep you cozy! I would just hope mine was a faux fur otherwise I might gag a little bit...just a little. Can someone hire us to create this for your holiday party? I so want a reason to make this happen!!

And of course Amy Butler would come up with some mouth-watering eye candy for the holiday! These pics were found on Apartment Therapy.

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helen said...

i didn't even want to think about decorating for christmas until i looked at your blog....what fabulous inspiration!!!! you gals have a keen eye for blending simple with sophisticated!