Friday, December 4, 2009

my house: the photo wall

I got so many wonderful comments about my bedroom decor post a few weeks ago that I thought I would share the rest of my house as well! I'll start with the entranceway - a skinny, long hallway that I really wasn't sure what to do with until I saw a very inspirational ph
oto in a Pottery Barn book - a photo wall! So P. and I decided to take on this project. And while it was a much bigger {and more expensive} job than either of us anticipated, it was well worth the effort! Our photo wall is right at the entrance into our house, and has turned out to be quite a source of entertainment and conversation for anyone who steps in.

To keep it all cohesive, we chose to display mostly black and white photos in mainly black frames {Walmart, Kitchen Stuff Plus and IKEA have the cheapest black frames by the way} but I do like adding a bit of quirkiness into home decor, so we had a sense of humour when choosing the photos. We each found our scowly, awkward grade eight grad photos and hung them side-by-side. Also on the wall is my award for achieving the highest mark in my grade nine keyboard class...hee...nerdy.

There is a photo of my friend Rebecca and I at Blackbutt Nature Reserve in Australia {we both happened to be wearing black pants that day so it was perfect!}, and a picture of my mom as a hot young thang.

There are many non-goofy photos on the wall too - our favourite wedding photo, various excursions, photos of good family and friends, and travel pics. But it's the not-so-perfect photos that seem to generate the most conversation and giggles.

Like this photo of my husband as a child with a humongous mop of hair {and a not-so-big catch of the day}!

Hoping you have a wonderful weekend!


Melanie said...

Oh Pete's hair! I'll never get tired of his hair...

Floralovely said...

I love your photo wall! It's such a lovely way to really personalise your home instead of just going out and buying a painting!

{and inBloom Event Design} said...

Thanks so much! It's a lot of fun. Definitely more of a conversation-starter than a store-bought print!