Tuesday, December 22, 2009

dexter holiday gift ideas

I know its a bit late for holiday shopping but for any Dexter fans out there {the best kind of scary there is!!} the Showtime Store is selling a whole bunch of weird Dexter stuff. Seriously, its really weird!

I do however love these Dexter blood splatter coasters. They are like giant blood slides! I would totally get these for myself for a Halloween party. But it would be better if they didn't have the word Dexter written across it. Kind of ruins the coolness.

And these funny Dexter cast Bobbleheads are pretty hilarious. I've never been one to collect a Bobblehead but I'm a bit intrigued!This 7" Dexter Action Figure is awesome! And it comes with its very own blood slide too.

These disturb me...I'm not sure its the kind of thing I'd want to be dressing my baby in. I think these should be discontinued. The Cereal Spiller is at least a clever play on words bu
t seriously...My Dad Can Hack Anything?! That isn't even clever!

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Luis illescas said...

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