Monday, December 21, 2009

man caves!

We Bloomies mustn't forget the mans in our lives, so this post is dedicated to some pretty cool man cave designs out there! You guys deserve a little space of your own that has no flowers, no matching linens or throw pillows and certainly no doilies. I can't wait until we can afford a house one day so we can have a man cave, a lady cave and a whole neutral zone for all to enjoy. For now, I think we did a pretty good job making our condo gender neutral {with the exception of my office where I may have put one or two flower paintings on the wall...oops!}

So this first photo is pretty spectacular! I think I would be a tad envious and would build a "hers" version that was an aerial silks studio. Can you imagine?!

Also not too shabby, they made use of the garage nicely - equal parts shop/bar/lounge! Only problem would be I don't think I could give up a garage because that would mean the car would be sitting outside collecting snow and that isn't cool. But if we lived in a warm climate I'd be willing to give up the garage space. Or if we had a 2 door garage I would spare half! This man cave can be found on this site.

These next two are nice man caves for the more artsy man. The ones who like design and decor but not so much flowers and doilies. I could love either of them myself! The top one was found on Apartment Therapy blog. And the orange retro one was found on The Selvedge Yard blog.

This one is truly a man CAVE!! Check it out...that is some kind of crazy!

Just so we are clear...this is a TERRIBLE Man Cave and it should never have happened! Oh my word!!

Does anyone have any Man Cave pictures they'd like to share?

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Jennifer Cheslock said...

I suppose man caves are a girls best friend because they allow us to have our flowers and decorative pillows!

I've got a few pictures of my partner's man cave. He just loved spending time in there...