Sunday, December 13, 2009

part 1: a bloomin' vintage circus wedding

{all photos by Ikonica}

The time has FINALLY come, and the Bloomers are so incredibly excited to reveal...drumroll please...Shayna Bloomer's Vintage Circus Wedding! We have been waiting a whole 4 months, bursting at the seams, just waiting to release these amazing photos. And the reason for the wait? Because WedLuxe Magazine, one of Canada's must coveted luxury wedding magazines, decided to feature it in this Winter issue! The magazine is finally out on the stands today, so be sure to pick a copy up this week!

We hope you enjoy Shayna Bloomer's vintage wedding dress, which was found in Kensington market and made extra beautiful by good friend Rashmi Baird. Enjoy the old antique benches and chairs from the personal collection of our beloved mother, the late Dody "Original Bloomer" Segal (and also from some of Dody's friends, thank you!), who loved antiques and Victoria magazine, and who has inspired the Bloomers to be who we are today! The antique doilies you see on the tables also belonged to Dody Bloomer as well - we sewed them together into the table runners.

Also enjoy the pictures of Spyke, the sweetest, most patient dwarfed-dwarf pony, belonging to Wendy and Craig Jackson in Uxbridge. And the delicious, super fun circus foods were created by Empire Catering.

These amazing photos were taken by the fantastic photographers at Ikonica - thank you so much to Jackson, Jillian and Lisa at Ikonica - the team is so talented, so energetic and so spectacular!

And of course, all of the design concepts, the decor, graphics and florals were all created by yours truly, inBloom Event Design. We are so proud to have developed a wedding that was more of a party - a celebration truly reflecting the exuberant and creative personality of our partner, Shayna Bloomer. This is the way weddings should be done - completely and 100% you!

So, without further ado, my fellow Bloomers, we now present our very own Shayna and Dan's long-awaited circus wedding! Enjoy!!


Jennifer Cheslock said...

So beautiful. This should be features in every wedding blog and every magazine. You girls are so creative and inspiring!!!!!! I LOVE IT!

Linsay said...

amazing girls! congrats on your big break :)