Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the house in four christmases

love the mix of colours on the couch! (if you click on the pic you can see it bigger)

this would be a good front lawn for a wedding :)

purple and yellow fav...remember the violet and saffron post?

I saw Four Christmases on the weekend with Craiger. And while, the movie was a little bit meh for me (funny parts, but a little too predictable, and I couldn't stop noticing how big Vince Vaughan's head is), there was a house in it that made Craiger and I gasp! So I'd like to share it with all of my Bloomies. I would NEVER have picked this colour couch, but I kind of love it. And the mix with the orange-y pillows. Well, I just lurve pillows! The only thing I'd do differently is remove the stained glass windows.

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Page said...

Where is this house at? That like the house in "Nights in Rodanthe" are two of the neatest houses... Unfortunately the "Serendipity" house was being moved off the beach last I heard. But I also heard it fell during last years hurricanes.. :(
In a heartbeat I would love a house like this one in "Four Christmases" I loved it before seeing the inside..
Thanks for post pics.