Wednesday, October 7, 2009

miss cuppie has a taste test! first stop: flour

This Bloomer has become Miss Cuppie for the next few weeks! I thought it would be a fun {and delicious} adventure to taste test at some of the wonderful cupcake shops in Toronto, and then report back here. Fun idea, hey? For my inaugural taste test, I chose a charming little shop at Eglinton and Bathurst called Flour which intrigued me with their wares: cupcakes, cakes and flowers...a bloomer's dream combination! And a clever store name too.
Flour is adorable and beautifully decorated with sweet little touches. It was very difficult to choose a cupcake to taste test, as there were so many good ones! As a cocoa addict, I chose a chocolate ganache cuppie. You just can't go wrong with ganache.

Score card:
Visual appeal of cuppie = 5/5 blooms
Eatability {was it easy to eat or did it fall apart and crumble down the front of my new jacket} = 5/5 blooms
Cuppie tastiness = 5/5 blooms
Frosting tastiness = 5/5's ganache
Loveliness of store = 5/5 blooms
Unexpected extra = you can pick up some fleurs while you are there! Also it looks like they make lovely wedding cakes too.

Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that we'll be seeing a lot of 5/5 blooms on this adventure?! Stay tuned for Miss Cuppie's next taste test, coming soon...


COCAMIA said...

I have had such a delicious experience with Cupcaketionery...try their cupcakes and tell us what you think...

Melanie said...

oh man...i just want to smash my face in that chocolate cupcake!