Tuesday, October 20, 2009

doily trio?! well that would have been easier!

On my weekly perusal of Urban Outfitters I happened upon their "Doily Trio" that they are selling for $20. And to think of the back breaking work my poor Grandma and Melanie Bloomer went through to connect all our doilies for table runners for the Circus wedding! Do you know how tricky it is to sew flimsy doilies together?! They do NOT like to cooperate!!

See below for a much simpler way to achieve this look...just swipe your credit card and you can walk home happy and with your back and fingers pain free!

I'm not sure I love the exact placement of the picture below {kind of looks TOO much like a grandma house} but I did like the idea of hanging them on your wall like art! I'm going to have to play around with that methinks.

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Melanie said...

oh man, so much easier!