Thursday, March 31, 2011

my lovely lady hooks!

YAH, one day, Lynn Bloomer and I were lonely and bored and in need of a decor project, so we put up the hooks in my front foyer! We had bought different hooks from Home Depot and spray painted them (yellow spray paint being my nemesis and all...why does yellow spray paint NOT work?!). Lynn Bloomer said she'd teach me how to use the drill well...I would like to be fluent with tools...but she accidentally thought I said "drillwell." So alas, we had fun using the drillwell and putting up my hooks and my new mailbox! Thanks to Shayna Bloomer for the mailbox's marvy!

Step 1...paint those hookers...i mean hooks, oops!

Step 2: Figure out where they go and use the drillwell (good thing Lynn Bloomer didn't wear her jogging suit like I told her to...I put her on the blog!)


it was hard to get a good pic since the room is so squishy...but note my new white mailbox to the right. i lerve it. it holds my keys AND the mails, and papers ...and looks purty...for like $8 at Rona!

more hookies...the yellow one is the same colour as my door!

there we are! you can see my mailbox better...on the other side of the wall are my teal ladies (washer and dryer)

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