Wednesday, March 16, 2011

noam bloomer

Thought I should come out of hibernation long enough to show off my latest project....Noamy! He has been keeping me deliciously busy and pushes my creativity daily. We get to choose a number of different outfits to wear each day, he always challenges me to come up with a new look about two...three...occasionally four times a day if I'm lucky. Eventually near the end of the day we choose our nudie outfit because we feel we can't outdo the previous outfits and we won't subject ourselves to sub-par fashion. In addition to outfits, we work very hard at baby stuff home decor. This is one of the most difficult tasks at hand...its certainly great fun to figure out how to make the swing, vibrating chair, play mat and stroller fit with the original home decor. We are pretty proud of our current arrangement now. Finally, it is imperative that we stay current on all baby trends. Us bloomers need to make sure we have all the coolest most useful stuff but not the same stuff that all the other babies have...that would be embarrassing! Other than that we try to sleep a lot and go for can't be all work and no play!

Nudie Noam is our favorite time of day!

He's very confident in his masculinity and loves rockin' his pink onesie.

Skinny jeans and his Nate Berkus cardi...yup he is that cool!

What would a 3 month birthday be without a business shirt, tie and argyle hat??


This is what I wake up to every bestest design ever!!


Krista said...

I love the floor mats in the first picture....where are they from???

{and inBloom Event Design} said...

I got mine at Dear Born Baby but you can get them at a lot of places. It is the Skip Hop Playspot and this one is in the colour "brights". Here is the link to the one at Dear Born:

Anonymous said...

Love you Noam. Aba.