Tuesday, April 5, 2011

these sock monkeys make me larf!

These pics made me laugh! I am biased of course because I love them so much, but the story these pics tell is just too much for me. Shayna Bloomer and Joelle Bloomer keep trying to get their babies together and take a photo of them being sock monkeys for my Dad's house. But it never really works! Time and time again they try, but one baby goes one way, and the other goes another way. However, the silliness of them trying actually works BETTER than a staged pic in my opinion!

Sage: Hmmm what the heck are they making us wear now? Noam: I dunno.

Ok, let's play nice just for a second to make them happy. Noam: Nom nom good.

Uh oh, Noameo is going down...

Sage: I want your hat, I want your monkey hat! Noam: Noooo!

Oopsies, Noamenclature is officially down!

Mommy fixes Noameo, Sage REJECTS her monkey hat!

...And then Sage decides she wants Noameo's monkey hat again. Noameo: I don't really know.

Sage: I'm gonna get it whether you like it or not!
Noam: Ok. Just don't scream in my face.

Noam: See told you I'd let you have it.

Sage: Well that wasn't nearly as fun as I thought! Hee hee, I'm a cute little rascal, what can I get into next? Noameo: Right behind you.


StylinMommy said...

oh. em. gee. TOO CUTE. they are really ridiculous!!!

Cynthia M said...

those are sooo adorable