Thursday, April 14, 2011

melanie bloomer's fashion crash course 1

Next week, Melanie Bloomer (me!) is going to New York City, to play the part of a Manhatten Socialite at a fashion event honouring designer Norma Kamali. Yes, I am getting paid to do this. And anxious as I am to not be BEHIND THE SCENES for once, I took this opportunity to learn about fashion. Hey, I could tell you where to get furniture or how to design your wedding but...I really am not a "fashion" goddess. I like H&M, and maybe if I'm really looking for something good, Banana Republic or BCBG. But when they asked me if I had a Diane von Furstenburg wrap dress, I said, who? Then I googled, and saw her wrap dresses are like $500, and I said uh oh, a Banana Republic dress from the closet might not cut it this time. A trip to the very overwhelming Holts was in order!

Ok ok but who is Norma Kamali anyway. Well, ONLY the designer of Farah Fawcett's famous red bathing suit! Hello! Oh and she's also dressed, you know, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Halle Berry, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez. Ok we get the picture. She's a fashion staple. Lesson 1: There is more to this world than Dolce and Gabbana and Louis Vuitton. And seriously is the best of the best at swimsuit design, as you will see. Nearly all the magazine shoots I've seen are the sexiest, most feminine, bathing suits ever!

So, check it out...she has some HOT stuff:

This is what started her career...Farrah's red bathing suit!

More celebs in her swimsuits...

this woman seriously knows the bathing suit.

i liked this one in her current collection...

Her dresses...Katherina Heigl wearing her dress in Vogue...

I like this line of these dresses from her current jersey knit collection:

As well as the line and colour of "sable mesh" dresses from her current collection too...

these just plain remind me of Katy Perry, no? cute cute cute.

AND you wouldn't believe this... she has a Walmart line in the US...pretty freaking cool stuff...

so what to buy what to buy for myself on this adventure...I don't want to buy Norma Kamali because that's a bit needy no? Stayed tuned for my adventures in Holts!


elissa s. said...! how coooool! so wait, you will just be AT the event? how did that happen?

vanessa said...

love the knit jersery collection... thx for sharing!