Monday, April 18, 2011

fashion crash course 2: elizabeth and james

So entering Holt Renfrew was scary. Let's cut to the chase: The second floor, where the dresses start is TERRIFYING. There really is not much in the way of an explanation at Holts; you are left to figure it all out on your own! I wanted a serious legend or map to follow to each designer! But anyway, 2nd floor = very dramatic; the styles scared me; and the price tags were even more horrendous. We're talking like $2000 per dress! Get me outta here! Fast track up to the third floor - this is where I belong I think! Much younger, funkier stuff, and the price tags, while still high, are at least within a normal-ish range! So I won't beat around the bush...there were really only 3 labels that really seemed my style (or, shall I say, Bloomer Style).
Designer #1 that Melanie Bloomer Likes: Elizabeth and James.
Ever since Shayna Bloomer was Mary Kate's stunt double on a movie, we've been a bit fascinated with the Olsen twins. They are really beautiful (you should see them in person...smokin'!). And funky! Especially Ashley. Hah. And since they are mini and wee, I just KNEW they would have stuff to fit a small person. Here are some of my favs from their collection:

love this dress

i see socks under heels a lot on their trend?

i may be wrong, but i feel mary kate and ashley were very instrumental in popularizing the blazer over dresses.

yep, i would wear it!

this takes a special person to pull it off methinks!

more socks under heels! love the sweater cinched with the belt over the dress...

I fell in love one with one of their dresses in Holts...I want it! But it was too cottony for an evening function. I'm a dork...this is my idea of a model pose...good stuff eh? HAHA. But anyway, it's a neat dress...and so darn comfy...if I could have bought it it would have worked for any summer function!

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