Thursday, April 7, 2011

red wagon party!

Our friend, Elissa, from One Stone Events in Florida, showed us pics of her son Benjamin's (really cute by the way!!) first birthday party! She did a Red Wagon theme...she certainly outdid the details...take one look at this and you know that Elissa knows what she's doing! Bloomers Proud!! AND, Amy Atlas featured the Red Wagon Party on her blog yesterday.... woah nelly what an honour. Great job, Elissa. It really is incredible and amazing and awesome!

holy gorgeous candy bar! love the blue wall behind it!

hee, cute party hats...and ONE yellow pom mismatched hooks with the random yellow one reminded Elissa of the pom poms!! i agree!

after our heart...a sock monkey! cool shelf and shelf decor too!

love the pinwheels!

note the little signs...super addition to the lemonade glasses with stripey straws and apple pies! mmm apple pie...

i really love the wagon cuppies...their little wheels! hee.

need i say more about the candy display?

love this set up...the bail of hay is a cute touch!

again, fond of the pin wheels...and all these funky blues!

nummy!!!! i'm so hungry right now.

a pretty outdoor setting...with Benjamin on the tree!

Elissa had to get the Pop Shoppe bottles in worth it!

maybe my fav detail of all...the napkin and fork wraps! Love the layered effect!

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StylinMommy said...

Wowza! This is really making me think I need to start prepping for Baby H's first bday (in October!) What a gorgeous looking party and super inventive. I really like the colours! Kudos!