Sunday, July 12, 2009

circus inspired outfits

In light of my upcoming circus wedding {in case you haven't heard...ha!} I've been doing a lot of research trying to find fun, modern twists you can add to an outfit to wear to a circus wedding or perhaps just for a night on the town! Its kind of strange how much circus is influencing fashion out there right now!

Check out this gorgeous dress found on *kdon* photostream on flickr.

I really really want this beautiful jacket from Top Shop

Love Jennifer Hudson's casual take. Britney looks awesome for a performance/show but I'm not really liking Paula's version...maybe if she took away the big ruffly neck that looks like a choking shirt!

I would love to wear a combination like looks like so much fun! If I weren't the bride at the wedding I might be a guest that wore this!

Then after all my research I discovered that someone already did it for me! Check out The Fashion-y Blog for a whole lotta circus inspired clothing!

And here is one for the mans!

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