Wednesday, July 15, 2009

show me some shrug!

Well for some reason it just occurred to me that it might be chilly outside on my wedding eve. Why this only occurred to me now is beyond me seeing as we've been having non-summer for the last couple of years! So I started desperately researching wraps that would compliment my vintage wedding dress. Too bad so sad for me that I very successfully found the most gorgeous examples on Etsy, but with only 2 business days left to the wedding they will clearly not be delivered in time! So now I'm still in the same predicament but drooling over what I clearly can't have. But oooohhhh how I'm in love with them and would like to share them with anyone looking who has more than 2 days to show time!

{Holy crow these are gorgeous!! These three faves of mine can be found on bonzie on Etsy!}

{These three knits are from Starpompon on Etsy}

{Vintage yellow shawl from Crochet Butterfly on Etsy}

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