Thursday, July 23, 2009

messy side buns

And on to the next wedding!!! For a completely different wedding than the Circus Wedding, the wedding in Israel will be a very beachy and modern event. I am leaning towards a messy, braided, side bun kinda thing as it seems beach appropriate but also trendy. I also want to get my hair up and out of the way due to the crazy scorching heat we will be dealing with. I've been having fun scouring the internet for some good inspiration pics and I think I came up with quite a few options. I'm thinking I might need some help with a bit of fake hair as these all look best with thicker, wavier hairs than mine.

{Really love Molly Sims' hair}

{Might be a bit too messy casual at the back for a wedding but I like the braids}

{Intrigued by combining Molly Sims' braids with Naomi Watts' side bun}

{I like the braid with the mess but perhaps a tad less of the birds nest mess?}

{This is pretty. Just wonder if my bangs will look this nice in 40 degree humidity? But perhaps I could add the Molly Sims braid to this look as well.}

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