Thursday, July 2, 2009

poppies for bloomers!

I was still trying to figure out the kind of bouquet I want for the Israel beach wedding. I keep envisioning giant orange flowers but I was having so much trouble finding a good inspiration pic on the internet. Then, low and behold, Melanie Bloomer and I spotted the cover of this month's Brides Magazine and it is the perfect bouquet! How come I didn't think of poppies?! We only have a garden full of them right now!

Turns out these are Icelandic Poppies. The name itself is making me fearful they don't exist in hot and humid Israel. Plus poppy season is just ending so I'm crossing my fingers they will be able to get them for me because now my heart is set!

So, not only has been ridiculously kind to us, they even went so far as to post this glorious picture of a wedding in my very own aqua and orange colours that uses Icelandic poppies!!! Oh my...I think I might be wanting to change my table setting...eeek!

Look at the adorable little tin on each place setting with a squashed flower underneath!! Hee hee!

And here is a purdy bouquet on Martha Martha Martha...a little too structured for my beach wedding but stunning nonetheless!

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