Wednesday, July 29, 2009

new house: grey with mustard?

I got a very exciting call from our house developer today. I am to come in next week and finalize my colour choices, as the builders are expected to begin building in only one or two weeks. Yay! I really WILL have a house one day and can move out this little closet I've been living in for 2 years! Now, I've told you all before that I'd like to go very neutral and minimal - I need a space that will allow for the de-cluttering of the mind. No need for lots of stuff! I liked the idea of the plainest whitest walls and dark wood floors ... but then again, lately my mind is going to greys as well, especially for the upstairs. I just love grey right now, and especially love it when mixed with yellow or mustard - kind of like Joelle and my bridesmaids dresses for the circus wedding looked! Here are some of my favourite pics of late ... pics 1,2, 4 from Anne Sage and pic 3 from inBloom Studio's blog via House and Home magazine.

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