Tuesday, July 14, 2009

wee weddings of scotland

A few months ago, inBloom recieved a lil' email from a place called Caisealrag at Crear located in Scotland. They saw our Wee Weddings website, and thought it would be a loverly venue to offer to our Wee Wedding clients. In fact, they too call their weddings Wee Weddings, which makes sense since they are from Scotland and wee seems to be their word! What's a wee wedding? Well, inBloom was offering courses on how to plan your own simple, no fuss, small wedding but make it look gorgeous all the same. {Check out our marvy website designed by inBloom Studio to see the courses we used to offer: weeweddings.com}
Anyway, look how gorgeous and adorable Caisealrag at Crear is. You can get married in front of an old ancient fort from 800 AD, overlooking the insanely breathtaking sea. You can eat and dance with your small party there in the little cabin-y place in the middle of a glorious field, then you can go back to your adorable honeymoon cottage for the rest of the weekend. I think Craig's background is Scottish...if only we weren't both so scared of flying!!

it looks like this in the winter!

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