Tuesday, August 3, 2010

got my palette

Wow, I've been in my new house for a month now, and only this week did I truly figure out what my colour palette and overall design concept would be for the main level! We've had major changes since our initial thoughts of white, chocolate brown, blue and grey (since it turns out our kitchen cabinets are more of a charcoal colour). So now we are definitely going for a charcoal on charcoal effect (with some blacks and dark browns mixed in for warmth and depth), stark white walls, and a POP of yellow-orange! SO, we just ordered a new couch on Friday from Urban Barn - YAYYYY! This is the model we got in the colour "polo smoke"... so it will look very charcoal-y! I have to wait 6-9 weeks before I get to sit on this puppy.

And here are the hardwood floors I am going to order (it appears browner on-screen than it really is...really it's charcoal with a very little bit of brown in there)
AND ALSO, my girls came over this weekend (my first weekend NOT doing a wedding, so I actually got to socialize!) to see the house, and look what they bought me as a housewarming gift - this gorgeous piece of art! It will work perfectly with my new palette :) This is not a painting by the way...this is a paper cut out if you can belive it. The level of detail in it is insane. I took a close up to show you better how intricate the cutting is! Thanks girlies, you're the best :)

this is all just a paper cut out...can you believe the intricacy?


Z.J.Ascensio said...

That's gorgeous! I wonder how much time it took the artist to get so detailed.

The colors you've chosen rock. I always envy those who know how to use colors sensably. I only seem to understand what goes with what AFTER someone else has developed a palette. Haha!

But I still love looking at design sites and photos for aesthetic purposes. :)

Thanks for sharing.

{and inBloom Event Design} said...

thanks so much, Z.J.!!

Designwali said...

that art is gorgeous! Where is it from?