Monday, August 23, 2010

stairs deserve some attention too

these stairs actually make me want to cry. {from Apartment Therapy}

omg, metal stairs. cold on the feetsies but oh so cool! {from anne sage}

these wood stairs makes me want to cry too! {from anne sage}

focus on the stairs here...i think this one actually might be more do-able and functional for our house (for handyman Craigger to do too). {pic from apartment therapy}

uh oh i never even THOUGHT to stencil the risers!! {from apartment therapy}

pears on stairs. it's fun to say, try it!

very simple, clean-lined stairs with no banister. love this too. and definitely more suitable for our house. {pic from Remodelista}

a neat "natural runner" eh? Lynn Bloomer sent me this one. The way the stairs are situated is actually alot like ours...the living room off to the left and you can see through to the kitchen. {pic from remodelista}

ohhhh my. marvy! i never thought to wallpaper the risers, but this is so awesome. i wonder if craigger will be ok with this because I really want to do this!! {pic from apartment therapy}

I won't lie, our new stairs are ugly. Everything from the banister to the orangey stain to the carpet to the oak wood. We just ordered our maple hardwood on Friday (YAY...change of plans...going with "graphite" not "pepper") but now we turn our attention to ... the stairs. Doo doo (sung with impending doom). is very expensive to get treads, so my handy dandy Craigger is going to do a little something something with our stairs. And that might start with taking that horrid banister OFF altogether (yes, we'll put a new one on if we have kiddilies). Here are some stair inspirations. My oh my, when you start looking, you can find some marvy stairs out there. Now I'm excited. Thanks to Lynn Bloomer for starting the ball rolling with ideas!

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