Thursday, August 5, 2010

nerd parties with style

Awhile ago I posted about our Science-Inspired decor for my dad's bedroom makeover and I've always wanted to throw him some kind of nerd party using his Erlenmeyer flasks and beakers for the table decor. I just noticed over at Brooklyn Bride someone beat me to it with their photo shoot for a science-inspired wedding. I like this nerdy take on design. So I started thinking of what I'd do in addition to the Erlenmeyer flask table design for a science-inspired party for my genius dad and of course my mind went instantly to food and then in a nano-second {pulling out my scientific talk!} to cupcakes and treats because I come by my sweet tooth honestly by my scientific daddy. Here is what I I'm going to my kitchen to consume whatever chocolate I can get my hands on...

Science-inspired table decor found via Brooklyn Bride

Can't forget this Dexter-inspired party design we blogged about over a year ago. I think elements of this could be used minus the gory blood!

You can serve your wine out of an Erlenmeyer flask and also you can serve beverages out of these coffee mugs too!

Check out this awesome science cake by!

Test Tube favors by Martha Stewart of course!

Ewwww...a brain cupcake from Geekologie! So gross but so perfect!

And you wouldn't believe how many periodic table cupcakes there are out there...I like this one the best because they left an empty cupcake liner for a yet undiscovered element! That nerdy detail is perfection. I think I'd like to make a periodic table out of cupcakes one day.

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Z.J.Ascensio said...

Oh wow! This is just too cool. The brain cake looks yum, lol.