Tuesday, November 24, 2009

science-inspired design

Anthropologie has a funny sub-category of room decor called "Science-Inspired" and it made me giggle. But then when I checked it out I realized we were totally 2 years ahead of Anthro when we re-decorated our Dad's bedroom! Our Pa is one smartsy pants with a PhD in BioChem AND a biotechnology company. Since finishing his PhD and starting his first diagnostic company when he was only 25 years old, he proudly held on to his lab beakers and erlenmyer flasks and would sometimes stare at them all lovingly as they were getting all dusty in the basement.

When we re-did his master bedroom, we decided to add his "vintage" science tools to the room decor and used them as a cluster of "vases" on his dresser. In his bathroom we set out apothecary jars filled with bathroom stuff to keep the theme going. So Anthropologie, us Bloomers were the real trendsetters here!! I just needed to say it one more time because it sure makes me proud.

But, I'm thinking most people don't have a brilliant science smartsy fartsy of a Pa who kept his potentially radio-active lab paraphenilia, so you can get some knock-offs at Anthro instead!

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