Monday, November 2, 2009

my living room decor

So, as I mentioned last week with my kitchen inspirations, my house is going up. Up up and up, and I can't wait. I need a place to breathe easier both figuratively and literally: there's alot of dust in my apartment right now and it does give me the heeby jeebies, but also, I need a place that will let me just relax as soon as I walk in the front door. I think the best way to achieve that for me is very straight lines and minimal clutter. And since the living room is right by the front door, I have to get this one right! You all know that I love dark wood floors so much that I could eat them, and I love the contrast with white and a little splash of colour. What do you think about some of these living room inspirations?

I love the straight lines and colours in this.
I love the rough dark hardwood floors with the white walls and plain abstract art.

I posted this living room a while ago - and I still absolutely love it! It might be in my top two. Look here for more pics of the style.

But this one is still a favourite too! Nate's living room as seen on Oprah. I also posted about it a while ago, but I love how it seems modern but comfy at the same time. I love the brown leather couches but it wouldn't work very well with chocolate floors!

A little too harsh for me, but there's something I like about it.

And this one - not so modern, but I do like the comfy feeling and the shelf in behind the couch. Perhaps I'll have to blend a few of these ideas together somehow.
{Pic 1, 2, 4 from Anne Sage} { Pic 3 from Elizabeth Roberts via Domino} {Pic 4 from Oprah} {Pic 5 from Domino mag}

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Jennifer Cheslock said...

LOVE Nate and Anne Sage. Great inspiration pieces so excited to see how you pull it together!