Monday, November 23, 2009

empire state of mind stage design

Did you watch the American Music Awards last night? The Jay-Z / Alicia Keys performance was stellar. Not only did I lerve the music, but I also greatly lerved the stage design. It's rare for a Bloomer to enjoy a stage design - usually they are overdone and a bit flashy with primary colours and chunky curtain type of things. There were three things I liked about it: the words on the screens reminded me of Joelle Bloomer's funky painting in her bedroom. I liked it when the lighting turned to the more muted beige colours, and I loved the orchestra of only pianos. How awesome to have 5 pianists jamming together. It combined three things that the Bloomers love the most - typography, beige and pianos! But you should also really check out the perfomance here - Alicia and Jay-Z never disappoint.

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