Thursday, November 26, 2009

the bare bulb trend

Last year when I was looking for inspiration for a Prohibition themed event I designed, I noticed that a design store on Queen Street called Commute Home was using caged dangling light bulbs as pendant lights hanging over their furniture. It had such a beautiful industrial feel to it that I loved. It wasn't easy finding some back then to use but luckily we did find a pile of plastic ones in the basement of the venue that worked for the theme. On my trip to NYC a few week ago I noticed there was a big booming trend of using dangling bare light bulbs in the window design for stores. They had them was like the same window designer did all the windows in NYC...I want that job!! Unfortunately I didn't catch and pictures of the windows as I forgot my camera that day {of course!} but I did round up some pictures on the web.

These are all courtesy of Design Trends.

These are from Anthropologie.

And I can't remember where this is from, or the pic at the top but I sure do like them.

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