Monday, November 16, 2009

my future bedroom

Craiger and I were discussing colour accents for our house this weekend, and while not 100% confirmed, we know that we want to go very simple and earthy, and carry this theme throughout the whole house. I've caught you up to date on my favourite kitchens/dining rooms and living room now, on to my favourite bedrooms! For some reason, I can't decide what I love best for the bedroom. I THINK it's the domino room with the moss green and brown accents (the pic with the frond), but then I adore keep flip flopping. I love the mustardy gold (second one down) room too - but I also love the deep blue accents of Nate's bedroom! Good thing I have four more months to decide...
{pic 1 + 6 from Anne Sage, pic 2 via inBloom Studio; pic 3 from Oprah; pic 4 from Domino Mag; pic 5 from...I don't know, Eric Roth?}

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Aliya said...

I love, love, love, the last pic!