Tuesday, November 17, 2009

simple, modern tubs

In our bathroom reno journey, D. and I cannot get over how hard it is to find a modern, simple, clean-lined tub! We found out that because of the size of our tiny, condo bathroom, we need to use a tub with an apron {for some reason I can't stand the term apron...yuck!} as there isn't enough room for a drop-in tub with a tile deck around it. We have been going crazy because every tub with apron {bleh} has an ugly swoopy, swirly, disgusting design on the side. And the inside always has these ledges and ridges that we just don't want. And the biggest shocker of all is that for all these swoops and gadgets and ledges it seems to cost next to nothing but to buy a plain, straight-lined tub {if you can even find one!} costs around $1000 plus!

We have finally found a few options that look nice for around $750...still not the price we are looking for but nice to know they actually exist!

The first two tubs are my favorites. They are from Oceania which seems to be one of the few companies that makes simple tubs with apron {eeeek}.

These tubs are ok, but they have that inset design on the apron {ugh} that bugs me. And I'm not sure what that thing is at the end of the second tub...a seat? Probably won't buy these ones...trying to justify why I deserve the top one for $750!

Anyone have any suggestions? I'd love to hear them!

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