Wednesday, November 12, 2008

beautiful piles of dirt!

As Shayna Bloomer jets off to Israel to plan +design her own wedding, I will tell you the latest design project in my own life. I, Melanie Bloomer, just bought a house - well, actually, just a pile of dirt right now. It won't be built until 2010, but that excites me more. Now I have, with the help of my Bloomers, a year and a half to plan the way I'd ideally like my house to look! FUN FUN FUN.

Take a look at my beautiful pile of dirt. I want to just plod right in there on my horse at top speed and drive my flag right into the ground, just like Tom & Nicole did on Far & Away!

There's something sort of cool about that Warning sign!

Oh the possibilites this blank space offers!

I must say, I have always loved the Oprah Winfrey Show episode where Nate Berkus decorates his small Manhattan apartment. I love how simple it is with the stark white walls, the large artwork, brown leather couches, but when he painted his doors a glossy blue/black, I was SMITTEN. Nate says painting your doors offers architectural interest to the space. Sigh, did I mention that I love him?

Come and appreciate dreamy Nate and his dreamy apartment with me (photos compliments of on the ...

Love this layout - very natural looking, very open.

I absolutely love this colour blue, but also, look how great his stainless steel backsplash looks?

I like the way the vintage lamp looks in his modern bedroom.

And oh, I could design some pretty amazing events from this workspace.

Oh the possibilities....this is what I call fun!

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