Thursday, November 6, 2008

tea for just me!

I spent the weekend with my great friend in Montreal. She has been an environmentally aware, nature loving, animal adopting, vegetarian since before it was trendy! And being the ridiculously talented, creative artist that she is, pretty much everything in her adorable little apartment is hand-made, salvaged, re-purposed, and meaningful. Funnily enough however, the defining moment for me in that weekend was her drawer of cloth napkins. It was like a trip to design heaven in one little drawer. Every colour and pattern you could think of was there! It made me think a lot about the way I've been living. I do love the environment and always try and be conscious of my footprint but somehow it never occured to me that I was worthy of a cloth napkin. It just seemed so luxurious and I'm really not sure why! So in the name of the environment (and a smidgen of guilty pleasure) I gleefully made it my mission to use beautiful cloth napkins for my every day enjoyment. Why shouldn't I drink my tea in delicious indulgence while at the same time helping the environment? And so that is just what I did...and it felt great!

My lovely new chartreuse green linen napkin from Teatro Verde just happened to perfectly match my tea pot!

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