Saturday, November 15, 2008

how to plan a wedding in 10 days!

Day 1: Book Venue and Make-up Trial #1

Success! Our venue is beautiful! I'm stunned by the greenness of the grass, the blue sea and sky and the gardens all around us! This venue almost doesn't need any decoration....but I'll add some just because I'm me! Wow we are stunned and excited...gigantic check mark for task number one done well! We feel such relief.
Here are some pics of the venue the way it looks empty and picture of a recent wedding they had there. So beautiful!
Went to the first make-up trial and every fear came true! Big, huge failure for task number two. I'm slightly embarrassed to put the picture up but it is just too funny not to. Its provided much comic relief for fellow Joelle and Melanie Bloomer. Gotta say its not quite the natural, beachy look I had envisioned. And who said anything about putting blue under the eyes?!! You really need to click on the picture so it gets really big and you can have the full magnitude of sparkliness!

And this is after I asked for the blue to be removed. Such a beautiful bride...

Until next time...shalom from the Holy Land!

Sparkle Bloom

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