Monday, November 24, 2008

how to plan a wedding in 10 days!

Final Post: Odds + Ends
What a whirlwind! So finally all the pieces are together. There were a few more appointments and trips not really worth posting about but I wanted to finish with the design element. This and the vogue cheek totally made my week!
I was worried because I realized I couldn't be there on the day decorating the venue to my satisfaction as well as getting my Vogue makeup and hair but I was so reluctant to give up creative control with this project as you can imagine. Designing is what we do and the idea of letting someone else be in charge of creating the look of my very own wedding gave me panic attacks. But in a stroke of amazing luck, we were told that an event designer was provided to us as part of our venue costs. Of course my first thought was that we were going to get some in-house designer who provides only cookie cutter wedding decor and I'd have to fight tooth and nail to have my way, but much to my pessimistic surprise, the designer is absolutely amazing and fantastic and talented! He listened to all of my ideas and gave me suggestions (via my personal translator - thank you so much Dan!) of his own and told me he had a huge warehouse of rental equipment that we can use so I don't have to bring or buy anything else!! Can you believe it?! Everything I wanted he had plus more! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to post because he will be sending his designs in the next few weeks. But here are a few pics I made the venue manager send me of what comes included!

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