Monday, November 17, 2008

how to plan a wedding in 10 days!

Day 2: Meet the Photographer
Well day two proved to be extremely successful. We've met the coolest, quirkiest photographer/videographer duo! AND they have the most adorable little studio in a Kibbutz in Natanya. Its this wee building that has one wee room and one wee bathroom. They painted the door my favorite colour of the season, chartreuse green, and everything else is white-washed. They have one of those cool, modern industrial looking lights hanging over an old wooden table in the centre of the room. They have a little couch, a teensy tiny kitchenette and they've set up a television on the wall so they can prepare a slideshow for you to see their work. They also serve you tea with fresh picked mint and luiza leaves and have yummy chocolate biscuits to snack on while you are talking. Yum! I've never been a videographer kind of girl but this guy actually makes real documentaries for a living and so your wedding day becomes a 10 minute documentary that doesn't look fake and forced and awkward. I'm still a bit skeptical that I won't look fake and forced and awkward but thats up to me I suppose! Anyways...we bought the package....and we are very happy with our purchase!
You can also have a look at the photographer's website to see more of his pics...just note everything is in Hebrew and you'll need to click on every link on the side and keep on clicking! I'm getting good at guessing the good's like I've developed some sort of Hebrew intuition...

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