Wednesday, August 18, 2010

maternity style inspiration: nicole richie

I am getting a little concerned about my fall maternity look! This summer has been so hot I've basically worn every sundress in my closet and the 3 pairs of awesome shorts I snagged at H&M in the spring. I really didn't wear jeans or leggings at all. But I'm a bit unsure about how to dress this tummy for fall. I think Nicole Richie looked awesome during her pregnancy...very funky and yet very comfortable {except for the pic with the sky high heels...I'm not doing that!!}. Methinks I might just have to copy her in my last trimester. I really hope it doesn't get too cold by beginning of November because all my winter coats are VERY fitted to my old size! I also totally want her bangs but think maybe it would be best to wait and see how much time I'll actually have to do my bangs after the baby is born!!

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