Tuesday, August 17, 2010

amy's house

My friend Amy has the coolest house EVER, and it needs to be shared with the world, especially Bloomer world! She has a serious eye for interior design. And when I say serious, I mean that she's amazing! Her house is full of funky fun-loving awesome perfection! That might be the only way to describe it. She's influenced by patterns and bright colours, but still knows how to keep it delicate and light with modern touches, and clean lines. She does most of the work herself (ie. refinishing furniture, laying her own patio stones). What an awesome, crafty girl she is, and that's why we love her so. Stay tuned for her wedding in a few weeks...it's going to be AWESOME.

...look at this living room, the colours are perfect! i want to curl up on that couch with a book in the sea of colourful pillows
...a bright yellow vase on the dining room table

...a little window seat filled with more delightful cushions on the way to the kitchen

...amy has a definite talent for little corners...there are lots of little corners in her house but this is one of my favs
...amy's kitchen was featured in Chatelaine for one of the best makeover kitchens. wow! the tiles on the back wall are stunning - first thing you notice when you walk in.
...they are apparently recycled glass which she found half price in a little store (i forget where...the danforth?)

...another little amy corner of fun-ness and eye candy. i feel obsessed with the pictures on the wall.

...and also a wee obsessed with this little bathroom. Amy finished the little vanity and mirror herself by painting them and making them look new again. such a nice mix with the modern sink.

...wall stickers! i love wall stickers!

ok, told you i was obsessed with this bathroom. this was a hard shot for me to get, but amy finished a tall shelf by putting this really funky patterned paper on the front of the door. it's so neat. really hard to get a pic of, but you can use your imaginations!

another cute corner in the guest room...with a vintage find from Kleinburg!

love this picture in Amy's bedroom

my fav little patio ever! Amy and her fiance Kumbo broke these stones and laid them themselves. amazing.

...more delectable cushions to read a book on.

...or should i read in this little Amy corner with more cushions (love the yellow one tucked in there)...this is on the way back inside to the kitchen.
...this pic is fuzzy, but you have to meet Sheldon. How could you resist a face like that? And how does even Sheldon manage to match so well?!

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