Monday, July 4, 2011

joelle bloomer's beautiful family

I thought I'd share these really beautiful photos of Joelle Bloomer and her beautiful family - husband Pete (who we call Petey) and her little beautiful sweet special baby, Sage. She is definitely a Bloomer by the way! These photos are absolutely gorgeous. But they also have a story to me, and make me very emotional at the same time. They are taken on our childhood property - where my Dad still lives, reluctant to move away because of all the memories that have taken place there. It is the property that my mother designed, with love and affection, where she and my dad planted every single tree to make us a beautiful, park-like haven, before she got ill and passed away. She didn't get to see how the property matured - and how beautiful and lush it is now. Joelle Bloomer and Petey got married on this property - it was the first happy function, the first happy moment our family shared together for at least a decade. It was truly a beautiful moment, even though it was missing our mother. After the wedding, Joelle Bloomer tried hard to get little Sagey. It was tough, but she did it - and I am so proud of how hard she worked to get this baby. And how supportive Pete has been through it all. All their work and emotional turmoil sure paid off - Sage is the quirkiest, most beautiful, sweetest, smartest most generous little 1 year old girl I know! What a special gem she is. And to see their new family under the willow tree- a tree that reminds me of my mom at her healthiest - the tree where Joelle Bloomer and Petey brought our family close in happiness for the first time during their wedding...this is something that came full circle for me, hit me hard and brought tears to my eyes! I hope you enjoy them too, especially knowing the background. The family photos were taken by the incredible Quenby Massey of Ginger Sprouts. Amazing job, Quenby, you are so so so talented!

And here were Joelle Bloomer and Petey's wedding photos under that same willow tree...really hits me hard! I am so thankful that Sage is in our lives. I don't even know how we existed without her before.

{wedding photos by the talented Jocelyn Fisher}

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Elissa S. said...

amazing story, amazing family, amazing photos.